Research And Experts

Research and Experts will no longer provide industry reports for sale on the Internet.

We have decided to focus on our core technology of Search Engine Optimization and Web Solutions Development and therefore have closed our Business and Marketing Report Sales offering.

All the products that we provided in the past are available from a number of different suppliers and we are confident that you will continue easily to find the latest reports on the web.

Our Other Services

Please have a look at our other business services and feel free to give us a call if we can be of assistance

Search Engine Optimization

CreatorSEO are a leading consultancy that for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Based in Ireland, we provide solutions to companies worldwide.

Optimize Your Web Presence

We are about to launch a new product directly aimed at clients who use WordPress as for their businesses. More on this soon…

SEO Consulting

ABC Digital Ireland – the leading SEO company for clients based in Ireland.

Coming Soon…


WordPress tools for capturing information about your website performance and comparative information on your primary competitors. These tools are free to install and will provide up to date information about your site ranking performance.

Cloud Based

Our servers will gather information and compliment this with other test results to give you in-depth information about your site and your competition. This information will be accessed through a dedicated dashboard that will be available to you. Free and reasonably priced options will be available.

Answers to Your Questions

Can I continue to order reports from Research and Experts?

No. We no longer offer any sales of Business and Market Reports.

Why have Research and Experts exited this market?

There are too many sites offering the same service and as this is not our core business, we have chosen to focus in on Business Software and Consulting Solutions for Website Marketing.

Where can I get these reports?

You can purchase reports from a number of vendors. You are likely to find the same reports from the following vendors or